What is God

By | 13th July 2018

Sometimes, I like to think of the idea of god as our future selves as opposed to a separate entity. We do not live in isolation so everything we do will affect us and those around us in different ways.

This idea changes my whole perspective of religious teachings from a dogmatic idea of serving a separate divine being to looking after your future happiness.

When we do good things, we are rewarded which is basically a result of the good work that we are doing so it makes god, our future selves, very happy.

However, if we do bad things, it attracts punishments, guilt and other consequences which makes god, our future selves, suffer and unhappy.

So the idea of serving God is actually a cycle of actions and the affects those actions have and how that make us feel which dictate what actions we take next. So we are forever trying to make our future selves happy.

We are tribal beings so it’s not just our future selves we’re trying to make happy, we’re trying to make our future tribes happy as well so the cycle just keeps repeating making our future selves and the environment in which we live better by the day.

So I’m my eyes, blaming god for the pain and suffering in the world is just trying to diminish personal responsibility. We create the future, so if there is pain and suffering in the world, we need to take responsibility for that. It’s only when we do that, we start addressing it and making the world a better place.

I’m not saying someone living in one part of the world should take responsibility for pain and suffering and war on another side of the world. You can only do that if you actually caused it. What I’m saying is, you are responsible for your circle of influence. Take responsibility for it and if there is something you don’t like, start making that change which will make god, your future self, very happy.

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