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By | 22nd November 2017

My latest app, Quranic as just been keeping me busy and is available on Google play and iOS appstore.

Quranic is a Wikipedia style app where the users can write about a topic of interest or edit existing topics to add more detail on the subject so muslims looking for information can find what they want.

All information on topics will be Quranic evidence based so there will be no misleading information allowed.

As Muslims, it is important to start reading, debating, understanding and practicing God’s laws detailed in the Quran. Too often are we told that only certain people; scholars, mullahs and imaams, can be experts in the message in the Quran. I want every Muslim to be an expert in the book they claim to follow. This can be achieved by putting our heads together and discussing what God is telling us.

1. Quran in Arabic and various other Languages
2. Like and comment on a verse
3. Discuss traditions and practices
4. Chat room to talk to other users

– User tagging added in chat room.
– Other’s Profile navigation added.
– Bio added to user profile
– Profile Edit added.
– User can link facebook account to quranic account for faster login

Click below to download and get started. Don’t forget to invite you family and friends as the more users we have, the better the app will be.

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