Property Partner

By | 14th August 2017

I stumbled across Property Partner about 18 months ago when I was reading up about passive incomes. This is a great way of investing money in to property without all the hassle of doing it all yourself. This is not the first company I’ve come across that uses crowd funding for property investment but I find their process simpler than the other one.

I have invested a little of my money in to Property Partner just to test the waters and so far I am very satisfied with their service. It was very easy to make a purchase. My property has gone up in value and I receive a month return on my investment that is paid automatically. I wish all tenants were like that. The yield is not a lot, somewhere between 2-5% so better than money in the bank but not as good as doing the whole thing yourself.

The only down side of Property partner is you are stuck with your shares of the property for 5 years unless you can find a buyer to take them off your hands. This is the only thing stopping me from investing more of my money as I don’t like the idea of my money being stuck.

I would recommend it to those who are interested in a sound investment and does not need to access their money for a set period of time.

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