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By | 5th February 2018

The idea for my orders app came to me from a personal need. I eat out a lot and in groups so it’s quite often necessary to firstly, note down what everyone has ordered and secondly, how to split the bill. If you’re 5 adults going out to dinner eating similar foods then it’s easy. But when you have kids, drinkers, and some who don’t eat as much as other, it can get a little awkward asking someone to pay the same as everyone else as they’d be out of pocket.

I decided to make a utility app to try and address this problem. The app didn’t take too long to make and is available on the Google play store.

I’m quite please with how it’s turned out, it’s not very pink and fluffy, quite basic and ordinary looking but it is a useful tool on more ways than one.

You can use this app to:

1. Record orders

2. Split the bill after a night out

3. Manage clients order

4. Send invoices

The app is currently free and I am looking to introduce some premium functions soon which will include:

1. Contacts

2. Pictures

3. Events

4. Accounts

So the app will become a more business app but can still be used for something as simple as splitting the bill with friends.

Those who downloaded the app and is still active before the premium features are add, will be offered the premium version for free for an extended period.

Check in out, you have nothing to loose.

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