Effective Muslims V Efficient Muslim

By | 3rd September 2017

Following on from my post about Effectiveness V Efficiency, I’d like illustrate how important it is that this is applied to our religious practices. Most Muslims are concerned with being efficient but not very effective. In fact, just like me, most Muslim don’t feel it is necessary to ask questions about the practices associated with Islam because they are under a false sense of security that tells them 1,400 years of tradition can not be wrong. But in fact what they are doing is following blindly which the Quran tells us not to do.

Had Muslim’s in general thought about how to be an effective Muslim as well as an efficient Muslim, their perspective of Islam would be very different. Being a Muslim means to submit to God’s laws. If you’ve never studied those laws, then how can you submit to it? Just because you follow the traditions and customs associated with Islam does not make you a Muslim.


My advice to any Muslim would be to start asking questions about everything. Everything you have been taught, everything you do. If it is divinely inspired then you will find the right answers. If however, what you believe and your practices are not from God then the whole facade will collapse and the truth will become distinct from falsehood.


However, not everyone is able to handle their beliefs being questioned. It is best to pace yourself to a degree you are comfortable with.


It took me a year to be comfortable with what I have found out but others who started this journey before me are still struggling to accept their new reality. We are all different and we adjust in our own time


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