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Sexism in Islam

I was watching a programme yesterday of a church service and found myself comparing the experience of those who go to church on Sundays to Muslims who go to mosques on Friday. There’s a very distinct difference in the demographics as Churches are full of families spending the time together where as Mosques are mostly… Read More »

Do we need the Quran?

Do we need the Quran? I quite often ponder on this subject for various reasons. 1. It was ‘revealed’ to a national that is not my own. 2. I don’t understand the language. 3. The interpretation is not universally agreed so the message of the Quran isn’t entirely clear. 4. Majority of the human population… Read More »

Quranic app

My latest app, Quranic as just been keeping me busy and is available on Google play and iOS appstore. Quranic is a Wikipedia style app where the users can write about a topic of interest or edit existing topics to add more detail on the subject so muslims looking for information can find what they… Read More »