Cliquey’s story So far

While I was on maternity leave, I had a lot of free time. I found it quite hard filling that time with interesting activities. I’d look at what my friends are getting up to on Facebook which was generally limited to what movie they were watching or what restaurant they were eating at. So I… Read More »

Quranic app

My latest app, Quranic as just been keeping me busy and is available on Google play and iOS appstore. Quranic is a Wikipedia style app where the users can write about a topic of interest or edit existing topics to add more detail on the subject so muslims looking for information can find what they… Read More »


I recently used Airbnb to arrange accommodation for our holiday to Paris, France. I found the whole process quite easy and loved the map view so I knew exactly which area I was looking at. The prices vary considerably due to the size and location of the property. It is definitely cheaper and more convenient… Read More »