What is God

Sometimes, I like to think of the idea of god as our future selves as opposed to a separate entity. We do not live in isolation so everything we do will affect us and those around us in different ways. This idea changes my whole perspective of religious teachings from a dogmatic idea of serving… Read More »

Sexism in Islam

I was watching a programme yesterday of a church service and found myself comparing the experience of those who go to church on Sundays to Muslims who go to mosques on Friday. There’s a very distinct difference in the demographics as Churches are full of families spending the time together where as Mosques are mostly… Read More »

Do we need the Quran?

Do we need the Quran? I quite often ponder on this subject for various reasons. 1. It was ‘revealed’ to a national that is not my own. 2. I don’t understand the language. 3. The interpretation is not universally agreed so the message of the Quran isn’t entirely clear. 4. Majority of the human population… Read More »

Orders app

The idea for my orders app came to me from a personal need. I eat out a lot and in groups so it’s quite often necessary to firstly, note down what everyone has ordered and secondly, how to split the bill. If you’re 5 adults going out to dinner eating similar foods then it’s easy.… Read More »