Being the eldest of 6, I was born in a remote village in Bangladesh. We later moved to the UK where we spend the rest of our childhood and adult life in north London.

I can't claim I had a difficult upbringing but being raised on benefits meant luxuries were few and far between but we never struggled for food as our parents prioritised food over everything else. This was much to our disappointment where we wanted the latest trainers and new clothes instead of hand me downs and cheap shoes.

Being mixed race didn't have much of an affect on my life apart from not really fitting in to a particular box. No one ever thought I was of Bangladeshi heritage unless I introduced myself as such. Being racially ambiguous, people didn't know from looking at us what ethnic background we were. So I got a lot people from various ethnic backgrounds talking to me in their language before they realised I didn't have a clue what they're saying from the blank look in my face.

I have many passions including Quranic philosophy, money matters, motivation and law of attraction. I am a busy mother with 3 girls from 2 marriages, currently with my second husband, Daniel who is also my best friend.

Approaching 40 has made me reflect on what I have done in my life so far and try and figure out what I want to be doing with my life and what makes me happy. Currently working, doing something I'm not that passionate about made me start this site where I can express myself, thoughts, feelings and what I'm doing with my free time.

As you can see, I have a few app projects I'm working on at the moment. Apps are definitely the future in terms of being an entrepreneur. Most business will have an app to promote their business and a lot of apps are businesses in their own right. Being an ideas person, the apps platform allows me to start various businesses with a very small start up capital.

I am also on a mission to encourage people, mainly Muslims  to challenge their irrational limitations placed on them by their beliefs and community.