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We are all born free, but from a very young age, we are nurtured to think and act in a particular way in accordance with our social customs, culture and inherited beliefs. These things can affect how we live the rest of our lives. Some of the things we are taught at an early age can build our confidence and increase our chances of living a great life. However, quite often, parents will also transfer their personal fears, beliefs and limitations on to their children as well. These negative traits can have various roots including religious beliefs, personal experiences, old fashioned or misogynistic attitudes etc.

Life is a journey, and I have used this journey to discover who I was, I am and who I want to be. In my journey, I have become a freer better me and would like to help others do the same.

Freer me - We consider ourselves to be free and cherish our freedom to do what we want, as long as it's legal. However, we quite often don't consider the limitations imposed on us by our parents and the wider community as an infringement on our freedom.

Growing up a Muslim, I had many limitations imposed on me like what I can eat or drink, how to dress, expectations from life etc. Brought up with the expectation that I will be married off as soon as possible so no pressure or encouragement to do well at school wasn't a great motivator to excel in life.

It took me a long time to identify and free myself from these limitations but it has completely changed how I live my life and my outlook on my future and my children's lives. I feel so free empowered that I want to teach others to do the same.

Better me- Growing up very naive with little life experiences and only a few GCSE's didn't have too much of an affect on my ambitions. I never really had a focus or career goal, I just wanted a good job where I was earning good money. Once I got a good job, I took up every opportunity possible to address my weaknesses and improve my skills. This has enabled me to progress in my previous job. Having had to start a new career in a new sector has set me back, but my skills and experiences has allowed me to speed through and progress much quicker. This enabling me to afford the life I desire to have.

I'm also learning to improve my writing so I can share my experiences and motivate others to change the things they don't like in their lives. This is my way of helping others to better themselves and achieve their own goals.

Being Me - The person I am today is very different from the person I used to be not that long ago. The change in me is more to do with my attitude than my activities. Having to priorities my finances to meet my responsibilities in the past, I am now shifting my focus to build a better me. I plan to do this by investing financially as well as life experiences discovering new and fun things to do.

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Current App Projects


What is Cliquey?

Cliquey was my first idea for doing something new and different in my life. This is an activity driven social media app where users record their current, future or past activities and make a wishlist of activities they would like to do, places they would like to visit, restaurants they'd like to try and movies they'd like to see etc.

Our activities make us who we are and I believe it is important to record those activities. Cliquey's purpose is to record these notes so users can review their wish list over time and take a step towards achieve those personal wishes and goals.



Quranic is a Wikipedia style app where the users can write about a topic of

interest or edit existing topics to add more detail on the subject so muslims looking for information can find what they want. All information on topics will be Quranic evidence based so there will be no misleading information allowed.

The app also has over 100 translations of the quran in various languages which enables users to compare translations for better understanding of the subject. The also allows users to chat and takes quizzes to test their knowledge of the quran.

Orders App

The idea for my orders app came to me from a personal need. I eat out a lot and in groups so it’s quite often necessary to firstly, note down what everyone has ordered and secondly, how to split the bill. If you’re 5 adults going out to dinner eating similar foods then it’s easy. But when you have kids, drinkers, and some who don’t eat as much as other, it can get a little awkward asking someone to pay the same as everyone else as they’d be out of pocket.